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Nifty Takes a Long Awaited Breakout of 16000

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

For the First time In History Nifty has Crossed 16000 levels and Reached an All time High Again.

Before reaching this levels Nifty had taken resistance at 15900 levels Multiple times resulting in a sideways Trend Formation.

If Nifty Sustains above the 16000 levels by EOD Then a big rally is expected in Coming days and we will have an bullish movement for August series.

Them Immediate Targets for Nifty Could be 16500 by End of Week and 17000+ in Next 2 weeks.

Note: Todays Closing above 16000 is very Important.

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Stock Tech
Stock Tech
Mar 04, 2022

Nifty on Fire 16150 to 16350!

200 Points Move

Hope those who read the Blog are Making some Good Money!🚀🚀🚀


Stock Tech
Stock Tech
Aug 03, 2021

This is what we mean when we say Go long!

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