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Nifty at Make Or Break Levels

Updated: May 20, 2022

19 |May| 2022

If you have Read our Previos Blog We had Clear Indicated a Big fall was gonna come and Exactly markets have Now Reached 15,700 Levels from 18100 levels as posted.

Now Markets are at a Very Crucial Levels- Which will act as Make or Break Level for Nifty.

So lets Know More About These levels


Support Levels

15800-15700 is a stong Demand Zone along woth a Double-Bottom Formation.

A Bounce Back is Expected and this Bounce Back Can act as a Trend Changer and an Uptrend Rally may Start from Here and Market may Move up Giving us Some Good Targets.

15800-15700 Levels of Hope
The Targets

If Nifty Starts a rally From the Demand zone The Immediate Next Target will be 16400 which is a Supply Zone(Shown in the Above Image) and Nifty May Take Resistance at these levels.

Furthur if 16400 is Crossed the Target in the Coming Months would 17800 which is a strong Trend Line Resistance.

The Breakdown

In Case Nifty Breaks the Demand zone and Closes Below 15700 then a steep Fall of Another 1000 Points will be seen taking Nifty to 14800-14900 Which is Trendline Support of the Downtrend Channel.

The Final Support- 14800

Tomorrow 20th May ie. Friday is Going to be Very Crucial Day To decide the Future of Markets.

We are Expecting a very Positive Start Tomorrow And Expecting Nifty to Rally Entire Day. So lets hope For the best.

In Case Nifty Breaksdown How to Trade in Such Markets.
  1. Trade Only at Perfect Levels

  2. Trade with small Qtys

  3. Trade with Strict Stop loss

  4. Keep Minimum Targets

  5. Always keep Trailing and Booking Half Profits.

  6. Try to Close Trades in Intraday and avoid Btst and Positional Trades For Few Days.

  7. Do Not Go for Revenge Trading

  8. Remember After Every Bad Markets there will Always be an Amazing Rally.

  9. So wait for the Right Opportunity

  10. Now is the good time to spend to Learn so later you can Earn.



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