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Nifty At a Strong Demand Level, We may See a Steep Recovery!

Nifty is Currently at 16150 Levels which is a Strong Demand zone For nifty and we may see a steep Recovery from this levels if nifty sustains this levels for Today.

The Demand zone ranges from 16150 to 16100 and nifty will be very weak below 16100 Levels.

So we are Currently going long on Nifty but with a Strict Stop Loss. Because if Nifty Doesn't Sustain these levels we may see a heavy sell off.

The rally Can be expected upto 16550-16600 levels in the Coming week and nifty may face resistance at the Steep Resistance Line if nifty Breaks-out this line then Huge rally can be expected to even as high as 18000 levels.

What If Nifty Doesnt Sustain The zone?

Nifty Below 16100 may even go Down to 15600 levels. So todays Closing is Going to be very Crucial for nifty. For More Blogs Visit or Call/whatsapp 7829295555 to Join our Free Groups Disclaimer: All the above Data, Information, Chart, Analysis, View and Levels Posted is Only for educational Purpose. we Do not recommend Trading them. Stock Markets Investment involves High risk so Never Trade without your own research or without consulting your financial Advisor

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