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Market Analysis - Nifty 50

Updated: May 13, 2022

Nifty View For the Upcoming Week 4th April to 9th April.

4th April 2022 | 8:00 Am | Author QD | Stock Tech.


  1. Flow of the Markets

  2. Technical View Of Nifty

  3. Data Analysis Of Nifty

  4. India Vix and Global Indices

  5. Our Bias and Radar


"Going with the Flow is Very important"

The Markets were Under alot of Fear and Negative Pressure in the Last Month Due to Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Lockdowns In China & Election Results in Multiple States Which Led to Volatile Markets and Many Traders made Good Losses.

The First Days of the New Financial Year was Very Good And we saw Markets Showing Positive Momentum and this Momentum can Continue in the Upcoming Week, but there are Still some Concern like Big Development in Russia-Ukraine crisis, Fiis selling For Last 7 Months, Increasing Inflation Etc which we have to be Watchful.

2. Technical Analysis Of Nifty

"Lets Hear what The Charts Have to Say to us"


On Friday i.e 1st April 2022 the Markets Closed with a Aggressive Bullish Candle (Green candle With O=L) representing Aggressive Buying in the Markets.

Nifty Daily Charts- Showing Support

Nifty on Friday i.e. First April Closed Above 17560 Levels and now these Levels Will Act as Immediate Support For Nifty and Markets will be In Positive Momentum As long as Nifty stays Above these Levels(17560).

The Major Support level is 17000 levels which is a strong tested Support and As will as a Psychological Number and can Act As a Monthly Support.


The Immediate resistance For Nifty is 17796-17800 but its Highly Possible that Nifty will Break this Levels and Reach the Major Trendline Resistance which is around 18100 Level (Major Trendline Resistance Highlighted in The Chart).

Nifty Daily Charts-Showing resistance

The Major Trendline Resistance is a Strong and Tested Level which is The Top line of the Nifty Downtrend Channel this levels will act as Very strong selling levels which may lead to some Good reversal in Markets. In Case Nifty Fails to Cross this Level We May see 15800 and Furthur 15200 Levels in the Upcoming Days.

3. Data Analysis

"Data Speaks The Truth"

FII- Buy & Sell Data

The Foreign Institutions have been aggressively Selling in the Indian Markets and Have Sold over 1 Lakh Crore in just Last 3 Months, This is selling Indicates High Selling Pressure and Indicate Towards Negative but it would early to Confirm so we will be Carefully Observing this data For A few More Days.

4. India Vix and Global Markets

" Indicies Indicate Everything"

India Vix is the Volatility Index and In Simple words its Inversely Proportional To Nifty

India Vix was down by 10% on Friday I.e.. 1st April 2022 it moved From 20.53 to 18.433 which is Good sign as India Vix Basically Represents the Fear Index in Markets. So a drop in India Vix indicates that the Fear is Vanishing and Bulls(buyers) may soo Take Charge Of the Markets.

Although it needs to sustain at these lower Levels For Markets to Continue its rally a Sudden Spike in India Vix Can Create Panic And Bring down the Markets.

Global Indicies:

The US Markets and all Major European Markets Have Given Positive Closing during the Weekend this will also Lead to a positive sentiment in Indian Buyers.

5. Our Radar

"Set Your Goals Straight"

We are Bullish on The Markets For this week and are expecting a Good rally but with a Strict Stop loss of 17560 Levels. Below which we may see some selling. But we will Go completely Bullish and buy Heavily only and Only Above the Major Resistance around(18100)

The Upcoming week is a Stock Specific Week and you have to Carefully Choose your stocks.

We have Made Some Good Returns in the Previous week in AWL and Adani Power (Check out the Video ( ). Now its time to Stay away from these stocks since there are Highly Pumped.

6. Some Advice to Traders

  • Trade With Perfect Levels

  • Trade with Strict Stop loss

  • Trade with Small qtys

  • Try to Close Positions with Small Profits

  • Avoid Carrying Stocks Overnight.

  • Learn to Trade and only then Trade.

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Thank you For Reading , All the Best

Disclaimer: All the above Data, Information, Chart, Analysis, View and Levels Posted is Only for educational Purpose. we Do not recommend Trading them. Stock Markets Investment involves High risk so Never Trade without your own research or without consulting your financial Advisor

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