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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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We don't consider Ourselves  Market Gurus or Market Experts, we are just a team of Engineers who are students of the Stock Market Since 2014 and  with dedication, Practice and Patience we are now Capable Enough to guide, Advice And Train People How to be Successful Trader. We believe Stock Market is no rocket Science and Any Layman Can learn the Art Of trading and Be financially Indpendent.

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Sumeet Kohli
Co- Founder & Technical Head

When I began trading it was very difficult to understand the Concept of Stock Market and coming from a engineering Background it was Even Tough. So I decided to take up Various Courses and ended up paying a lot of money for training All the Courses were Helpful in Some or the other way but none of them could Give me Complete grip Over my trades. So After Trading and experimenting for year here we have come up with an Amazing Course on the  Stock Market Which gives you A Very systematic Approach to the Market,  in the most layman's terms and will definitely  provided insights & in turn would have help you avoid all those rookie mistakes that we did. Time is the most valuable asset & you'll never regret investing your time and Money on our Trainings. 



Stock Market is Not A game of Dice or Luck on the Spin, Its an Art of making Money through Patience, Practice and dedication.

This is Sumeet,  I am a Mechanical Engineer by education and a Full Time Traders By Profession Since 2015. After Completing My technical training I started Working as an engineer In Mumbai and it was there I got introduced to the Stock Market. The Initial Ride wasn't really Smooth and Burnt my Hands a lot because of lack of Knowledge And Proper Strategies. But now Having Mastered over the Demand and supply Analysis i can tell you one thing Stock Market is Like "Ali Baba Ka Khazana" and Midas can open the Doors For you.

Why Stock Tech?

At Stock-Tech we offer comprehensive trading courses for novice and experienced investors and traders who want to learn  professional trading techniques and make a bright career in the stock market.

We strive to help you meet your financial goals with a comprehensive curriculum. Our Course MIDAS  is designed to cover the basics of stock market and a spectrum of trading styles  including Swing Trading, Short Term Trading, Position Trading. We work on strategies which would help "minimize the losses and maximize the profit with limited investment". We Work on strategies to help you deal with dynamic and Highly volatile market.

We focus on instilling the necessary skills and confidence in our students. Our highly knowledgeable faculty has a lot of experience in the financial markets and are one of the Most Consistent Stock Market Research and support team. We teach you proven methods and techniques for successful trading and investing using our Prime Strategy.

We believe every student is different and requires a unique approach. Our mission is to help people navigate through changing market conditions and their individual life circumstances in order to find a strategic plan that best fits to their needs. We take an objective view of your circumstances and place great value in the quality of our relationship. That’s why you’ll get the best direction and advice.

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