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A Layman's Guide To The Stock Market

This is an On Demand Course Launched By Stock Tech in order to Educate the Beginner's with all the Basic Information they Need in order to Begin Their Journey in the Stock Market

"The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades - Best Trades Happen only with Perfect Knowledge

If you are a beginner and inquisitive about the process of trading & investing, this videos are for you. When I began trading it was very difficult to understand the Basics of stock Market being from a engineering Background and ended up paying a lot of money for basic training. So here we have come up with an entire Course on the basics of Stock Market, it consists of training videos in the most layman's terms and will definitely  provided insights & in turn would have help you avoid all those rookie mistakes Time is the most valuable asset & you'll never regret investing it for watching this video. Cheers.

As a Beginner in stock Market Before you start Trading or before putting your hard earned Money at Risk you should know how the mechanism in stock market works, In this Course we have come up with a never before Systematic step by Step Approach to Stock Market which would impart all the basic knowledge to any Beginner.
So watch this Video and “Learn to Trade, Trade to Earn”

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