As we have the BODMAS rule to solve all the mathematical problem. Stock Tech has come up with a solution to all your financial problems, "MIDAS" as it goes by the name means a person with great wealth or great money making ability. MIDAS is a well designed demand and supply based stock market course which is suitable for all levels of traders whether beginners or advanced . This course will give you a grip over your trades with perfect risk and money management techniques and help you achieve excellence in the field of financial markets. We teach you proven methods of how to Invest in stocks and with a complete post course support we prove to you stock tech is the best option when it comes to stock market for beginners.


Midas equips you with all the knowledge and skills you require to properly setup, execute and manage trades. This course is broadly divided into two parts Stock basic and core strategy.

Stock Basics

All the knowledge you need to begin

Stock Market For beginners or people who have no knowledge about the stock market sounds a tough task but at Stock Tech it doesn’t matter because we have it all covered in this Stock Market course on basics which will give you the Essential basic knowledge you require to begin your career in the stock market market.

Prime Strategy

Learn the art of Trading

Our Prime strategy is not a conventional analysis but something beyond it. we identify the perfect buying and selling entries and exits based on the demand and supply strategy and trade only at these zones with good risk to reward ratio. The strategy also covers perfect risk and trade management techniques which will help you properly plan your trades,minimize your losses and maximize your profits.


Stock basics syllabus

  • Basics of investing

  •  Merits of Investing

  • Introduction to Stock Market

  • Stock Market and its Functioning

  • Shares & IPO

  • Trading of stocks

  • Share Price Fluctuations

  • Stock Exchanges & Indices

  • Market Regulators

  • Various segments traded

  • Equity stocks

  • Company Classification

  • Types of Analysis

  • Types of trades

  • Various tools of Information

  • Important Terminologies

  • Trading/Demat account

  • Brokers and Trading Platform 

  • Psychological requirements​

Prime strategy syllabus

  • ​     Concept and basis of the strategy

  •      Reading Charts and Candle Sticks

  •      Charting site and tools

  •      Core Concepts

                i) Time Frames

               ii) Trend Analysis

              iii) Data analysis

               iv) Demand and Supply Bridge 

  •      Identifying perfect Buying and selling entry and exits.

  •      The Seven savers

  •      FOS (Factors of Safety)

               i) Multiple Levels

              ii) Refining the zones

              iii) Zone Adjustments

  •      Risk and Trade Management

  •      Fund management  

  •      Trader level advancement plan

  •     Charting Tool



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