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Stock Tech
June 11, 2021 · changed the group description.

Welcome to the Stock Tech Masters Group.


This Group is Created With an intention to Provide Knowledge about Stock Market to Retail Trades and Create an awarenes.

On this Group You will be educated about stocks , indicies , Markets news and updates and Alot more.

You can also Ask Questions and Queries related to Your Trades.

Group Rules:

Everyone Has their Own View so Please Respect all Members in the Group. No Disrespect or Foul Language will be tolerated. U wanted posts and Spamming can lead to immediate Removal From This Group and whatsapp Group as well.

Disclaimer: All Views, stock Levels, stock suggestion and charts posted on this Group are are only for Educational and study purpose we do not Recommend Trading Them. All these are posted to educate people about Stock Market.

All suggestions, Charts, Nifty Levels, Market View are based on our research and to present our View point about the particulat topic and are strictly for eductional Purpose and we do not Recommend investing or Trading in them.

So please do your own reserach and analysis before taking any trade and trade or invest at your own risk , Stock Tech its Admins, Moderatores, Founders , Analyst or Members will not be Responsible for your profits and loss in anyway. Neither completely nor partially-

Please Consult your Finanicial advisor Before Taking any Trades.

Investments in Security Markets are Subjected to Market Risk. Various Factors Affect the Prices of Securities Such as Political Events, Price and Volume, Interest Rates, Change in Policies by the Government etc. Hence No View/Suggestion/ Video / image posted can assure you any Returns. Price Of security keeps fluctuating which may lead to Profits or loss to the Investor/Traders. Our Suggestions on this Group is based on a probability where we take trades with Good risk to reward ratios and try to minimize the losses and maximize the profits But this is something which cannot be assured or Guaranteed because of various factors like Market Crash, Gap up and Gap down Opening of Stock Prices, Stocks Reaching Circuits where Buying and selling cannot be executed. So Neither Stock tech, Its Founders, Directors, Admins, Moderators, Employees or Trainers will be Responsible for any Profit or Loss that May Occur Even after This Training.


Welcome to the Stock Tech Masters Group. About: This Group i...


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