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Learn the Art of Investing and Trading In the stock market With a Systematic approach & Perfect ruled Based Strategy to minimize your losses and maximize your profits using the Demand and supply analysis.


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We Take you Beyond the Conventional Technical Analysis With Our Master Strategy Course "MIDAS".

Introducing for the first time a analysis wherein there is no application of conventional methods, indicators or Oscillators. You don't even need to be Pro-Active Trader watching any graphs in live market. Our Strategy is Based on the Set & Forget Mechanism So Analyze- Set alerts -Set levels and Forget the trade to achieve Targets. Trade anytime from anywhere with Perfect Risk: Reward 
Management Techniques. 

Chart Analysis Based on the Set and Forget Mechanism

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Suma Pradeep


Hello All, Happy to share my experience we had about the core strategy classes  we attended the couple training.. This was a online class, And honestly i didn't find it less then the classroom training, Very interactive, Concepts are very organized. Explained in layman language , with examples n number of times. Trainer  made sure we understand every bits and pieces. With my personal experience of stock market , we only think of profits but here they teach to reduce risk. I have already gained knowledge and would practice going forward. I would definitely recommend u all to take up the online classes and enjoying trading. Heartily Thank you to  "Stocktech" and "YES“ he is a expert and amazing with this field.

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At Stock-Tech we offer comprehensive trading courses for novice and experienced investors and traders who want to learn the professional trading techniques and make a bright career in the stock market.

We strive to help you meet your financial goals with a comprehensive curriculum. Our Course MIDAS  is designed to cover the basics of stock market and a spectrum of trading styles  including Swing Trading, Short Term Trading, Position Trading. We work on strategies which would help "minimize the losses and maximize the profit with limited investment". We Work on strategies to help you deal with dynamic and Highly volatile market.

We focus on instilling the necessary skills and confidence in our students. Our highly knowledgeable faculty has a lot of experience in the financial markets and are one of the Most Consistent Stock Market Research and support team. We teach you proven methods and techniques for successful trading and investing using our Prime Strategy.

We believe every student is different and requires a unique approach. Our mission is to help people navigate through changing market conditions and their individual life circumstances in order to find a strategic plan that best fits to their needs. We take an objective view of your circumstances and place great value in the quality of our relationship. That’s why you’ll get the best direction and advice.


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